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Irresistible. There has always been sexual tension between stepmother, Dee Williams, and her stepson, Tyler Nixon, but both know that it’s wrong to feel the attraction. Tyler has pined over his stepmother for so many years that he has never learned how to properly woo a girl his own age, he’s finally got a girlfriend, his very first– but they have never «went all the way.» He saw an infomercial late at night about a magical pheromone cologne, promising to make you «Irresistible» to the lucky ladies who catch a whiff of the fine fragrance. He bought it and is awaiting it’s arrival when his stepmom walks in the door with a box in her hand.. «I missed my flight,» she tells him with a tone in her voice that makes him wonder if she did it on purpose. «Found this box on the stoop,» she shakes it, «how bizarre that there is no return address.. who’s it from?» Tyler snatches the box away from his stepmom, making her even more suspicious! He shoos her away and begins to open the bottle, the cologne slips and spills all over him! Dee walks into the room and the smell wafts through the air. She looks at Tyler with lustful eyes, «oh my.. you smell handsome.&qu




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