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Mommy’s Free Pass. Darlene (Reagan Fox) is trying to plan a surprise bachelor party for her stepson, Hunter (Chad White). Hunter catches wind of her plans and vehemently opposes the idea. Darlene is puzzled and presses Hunter to explain why.. Hunter tells his mom the story, full of all the dirty little details, of how he was caught cheating on his fiance with an intern at his work. He feels terrible about the infidelity and is trying to make amends to his future wife. Darlene delicately tells him about her secret arrangement with his father, the couple are both allowed a «free pass» to with anyone they choose once a year. Hunter’s cock twitches when Darlene reveals the sordid details of her own bachelorette party, the night she went to an underground sex club and enjoyed several young cocks inside of her at once.. Watch the story unfold…




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